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Comments, complaints & compliments

If you have any comments, complaints or compliments you can either contact Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery or Birmingham City Council.

Contact Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery

Information for contacting Birmingham City Council

You can give the Council your comments, make a complaint or compliment us by speaking to any council employee in person or over the phone, by letter, by e-mail, by fax, by textphone or fill out an online contact form.

How to contact the Council:

Phone: 0121 4649995
Fax: 0121 3036873
Textphone: 0121 3031119

Or fill in an on-line feedback form

Write to:
Birmingham City Council
Freepost Licence 15136
Birmingham B1 1BR
(no stamp required)

Birmingham City Council has produced a straightforward guide to help you make a Comment, Complaint or Compliment

Versions are available on-line in English, Community Languages, Text and RTF, Windows Media Audio Version, Audio Streaming Version and mp3 Audio Version.

The Customer Guide is also available on Audio Tape or CD and in Braille and Large Print versions. To obtain any of these please contact Birmingham City Council by phone, fax, textphone, email or by writing.